Recreating Memory: Noreen

Short Film

In a world obsessed with goals, objectives, winning and measurable results, there is a death of expression and emotion. There is a great death of feeling. In this world, the artist becomes invisible and alienated, as the audience becomes way too calloused and closed to ever see the magic around them. 

In this material world, two souls who feel alone in their ability to still hear the music meet in a cab and question whether or not the pursuit of meaning and feeling really matters. 

A lost lonely artist named Noreen of 29 who is considering ending her life enters a cab. When she looks up, she finds a strip of lights framing the window. Through a series of questions, she realizes that the cab driver Leon has installed lights that change based on his mood. This is a secret he has never told anyone. No one ever notices the lights; Leon tells the young woman. I do she says. Not only does Noreen see the lights but she also sees him.

As Leon and Noreen exchange ideas, they begin to connect. She feels as though she has found water in the desert. And he feels that he is seen for the first time, and that maybe, just maybe his feelings do matter. 

In this reciprocal relationship between artist and audience, driver and woman comes the meaning that fuels them both. They are able to share their wounds. He, as a man who does not belong in a toxic masculine world that only measures the importance of men through wealth, and she as a woman who sees no mirrors of appreciation of what she cares about in a world that only values the material. They begin to connect with how perhaps what matters most is the invisible.