We humans make objects, and objects tell stories about us after we die. Here I share my designs of material objects. Some ephemeral and others more eternal. 

Cheese Cutter

A cheese cutter is a board carved by person. This cheese cutter is of the Saudi map. You are welcome to place cheese on it or a monument of your choosing claiming your place here.

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Desert Snow Salt / Milhee

There is a huge excitement when it snows in the desert. Yes! It does snow in the desert. And that is how I feel about salt. I am addicted to it. I love how it tastes and how it feels to sprinkle it on food like snowflakes. But too much salt is not good which is why I created my very own mix that includes some salt, but also savory, colorful herbs from the Arab world.

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Bricolage Jewelry

Why is it that sometimes when an object is given to you as a gift, it can feel more beautiful than if you had gotten it for yourself? What makes an object beautiful? And what exactly is beauty? Beauty seems to be intangible, like a mysterious energy or a shapeshifting feeling. It cannot be bought or owned, only experienced. I believe that *we* give objects beauty in the way we choose to connect and relate to them. Anything can become beautiful when it is loved.

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