The Feeling Boy AKA. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Scrap Book and Puppet Show

“Culture is the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves” by Clifford Geertz

Why do children tell stories that are not true, and ‘make things up’? Adults often say that children are trying to get attention by fabricating tales. Is that so? Or could there be a deeper meaning hidden in their made-up tales? 

Is it possible that they are trying to share some truth about life that they can only expose in the making-up of facts? In crying wolf? And if that is the case is the boy who cried wolf a completely misunderstood being with a beautiful imagination and a profound overlooked message?

As an artist I feel like I am the boy who cried wolf. I use fiction to express my sadness about society, to wake people up from their sleep. In this project I retell the story of the boy who cried wolf from the point of view of the boy.