The Lonely Planet

Puppet Show

How does our perception of what is happening impact our sense of reality? Did Adam and Eve really fall from heaven to earth? Or did feeling guilty after eating from the apple tree make them feel they were no longer in heaven? In other words, did they remain in heaven all along? How do we know if we are living in heaven or hell? How much of what we feel comes from subjective perception versus objective truth? 

When Coronavirus was announced as a global pandemic, I began quarantining in an apartment by myself in New York City, without listening to the news. I was making art daily and for a few months I felt like I was in heaven. When I spoke to friends on the phone some were in such hysterical panic and fear that I began to question if I was actually sharing the same planet with other people? Or if I was on my own planet. This became a funny conspiracy theory that I entertained myself with and is the basis of this work.

This piece is about two neighboring planets. Planet 1 is a noisy planet filled with all the citizens of the world, and Planet 2 has one girl on it by herself.  The problem is that the girl in Planet 2 has no idea that she lives alone on this planet. She is so distracted by the loud noises from Planet 1 that she is unaware of her condition. And the Gods of her planet have been waiting for years to make her realize this fact but without success. 

So, the story begins on the day the Gods have a meeting to decide whether they should break their oath and intervene to make her aware that she lives alone! The Gods decide to send a virus to Planet 1 in the hope that when everyone on Planet 1 hides, there will be less noise distracting the girl and she will finally realize she has been solo all along! Of course, their intervention does not go as planned.