Color - The Mnzlee Stories S1 EP5

We humans have stories about what parts of us will be accepted, and what parts of us will be rejected. And based on those stories we live out our day.

Sometimes we wake up with something of ourselves that we have the sense will be rejected. And the experience of being seen on those days becomes excruciatingly painful. 

Because rejection can feel like death and so we would rather hide from the possibility of it.

In the process of escaping the possibility of rejection, how other people experience us is fascinating. We can be seen as cold, rude, offensive. Our actions can even be taken personally.

But in reality if we were actually to feel safe and loved as we were, if we were to remove shame or judgment, we could reveal our most true internal world which is filled with color.

Original artwork by Haidar Alhaibie @haidaralhaybie