Imagine - The Mnzlee Stories S1 EP6

How did play, imagination and amusement contribute to the world we live in today? Is imagination for imaginations sake a worthy endeavor? 

The common denominator in all historical renaissances is the central role imagination played in it, and the idea that the innovations we enjoy today came from play. 

Today, our risk-averse, money obsessed capitalistic world seems to have forgotten that. The arts are cut from schools, standardized testing is only increasing, social media is the most intoxicating drug actively destroying the imagination, and play is becoming alien to us.  We live in an imagination desert. 

In this video, I explore the Islamic renaissance of the 8th century and how play lead to the industrial revolution and the world we live in today. I entertain the possibility of a world which regards play and imagination as sacred and places them at the center of culture.  

Original Artwork by Haidar Alhaibie @haidaralhaybie