Kalimat - The Mnzlee Stories S1 EP9

Often times great artists live as invisible beings 

Their art is only understood much later 

After their death.

I wonder what shape or dimension would their art become, if it had been seen or truly witnessed in their life time

As they were breathing it out.

Secret worlds exist 

We sometimes open them by believing in them 

But it takes two who believe in that world to breath life into it 

To bring it to life

It takes love.

Language is a world 

Understood by two people 

Which make it possible.

Sometimes meeting a new word can introduce you to a whole new world. 

A way or a feeling that you had never known.

Like the word love.

Sometimes uncovering a new word can feel like discovering a treasure 

But is it worth anything if only you understand it ?

How can you give a language that only you speak dimension ?

Must you share it with someone else ?

What’s the use of a word not in use 

Is it a world just waiting to burst into existence?

And who can give it life ?

The giver of the word, or the one who listens and tries to understand ?

It takes two.

But for Kalimat, she is only one. And she waits for a time when another will be able to hear what she hears. 

Until then, she’s on the slow train. Waiting for her time, holding one particular word in mind and heart.

Original Illustrations by Haidar Alhaibie @haidaralhaybie