Memory - The Mnzlee Stories S1 EP4

In math, Zero, is imagined. It is said that the invention of it was as equivalent in its impact to invention of language.

In physics, absolute zero has never been reached.

If zero exists at all, then it exists as a box we cannot open, let alone even point to or locate.

Zero is the imagination of nothingness.

And when it was first introduced to the world, people were frightened by it.

What I explore in this video, is the relationship between nothingness and somethingness which I call Memory.  

As Samuel Butler wrote “tolive is to continue thinking and to remember having done so… Thought, in fact, andmemory seem inseparable; no thought, no memory; and no memory, no thought. Andas conscious thought and conscious memory are functions one of another, so alsoare unconscious thought and unconscious memory. Memory is, as it were, thebody of thought, and it is through memory that body and mind are linked together.”