Selves - The Mnzlee Stories S1 EP8

The choice to express oneself authentically is such an underestimated act. It’s an act of courage, deep connection to the self and love.

To express the self is to first feel inside the self, to feel what the self tastes like, what it likes, what scents it adores, what colors it connects to, what it desires and feel it so deeply that one is able to draw what one feels from the inside out. To express it. To develop a sense of taste.

Expressing starts from simple things… smelling your tea because you like it, picking your eye liner color which matches your mood or maybe your nails, caressing your hair with your favorite scented oil, infusing fresh mint into your pasta. Many times it might be things you’ve never seen anyone do. You just get an impulse to do it because your connecting.

Because the impulse to express begins in such simple choices, a voice can whisper “what’s the point” The blue or the green is all the same. But it’s not the same! It matters because the most sacred thing of all is that the choice between blue or green is coming from you.

And every time you listen you grow that inner connection and embolden the most sacred thing of all, yourself.